The Birth: The Century Club

In 1963, an idea came about, to support our student-athletes with the facilities and resources that they needed. Spear-headed by Head Football Coach, Stan Sheriff, the group called "The Century Club" made a goal to get fans to donate $100 each. As the first fundraising campaign came to a close, 100 people had contributed a total of $6,000 to the UNI Athletic Department.

Foundation is Set: The Athletic Club

Shortly following the inaugural fundraising season, avid Panther fundraisers became known as part of The Athletic Club. The Athletic Club was established to ensure participants in collegiate athletics at UNI all have the opportunity to cherish success both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Today Still Supporting UNI Student-Athletes: The Panther Scholarship Club

Today the Panther Scholarship Club is leading the charge in fundraising for the University of Northern Iowa Athletic Department. With more than 1,800 active members and over $1.52 million in cash donations and $500,000 in gift in kind we are able to support our student-athletes on the field and in the classroom. In 2013 the Panther Scholarship Club celebrated 50 years of fundraising for the UNI Athletic Department, has raised over $32 million over its life span and impacted over 20,000 student-athletes.

2021 Donor Guide

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2021 Pledge Form

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PSC Board of Directors

Mark Scheel President

Nikki Hudnutt Board Member

Chris Larimer Board Member

Doug Lindaman Board Member

Kris Peters Board Member

Polly Jacobson Board Member

Ann Kuhter Board Member

Matt Ott Board Member

Eric Sikkema Board Member

Corrine True Board Member

Nicole Ubben Board Member

Inga Rotto (Volleyball) Student-Athlete Representative

Kyler Yodts (Track & Field) Student-Athlete Representative

COVID & Ticket Information

Levels & Benefits

*Under the age of 30 and UNI current/retired employees will still receive benefit match   Download 2021 Pledge Form
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2021 Levels & Benefits Chart
Loyalty $50 Coaches $350 Purple $600 Gold $1,200 Directors $1,600 VIP $2,100 UNI Pride $3,000 Scholarship $4,100 Diamond $8,000 Platinum $13,000 Leadership $25,000+
Supporting the Education of a UNI Student-Athlete
Exclusive UNI Bookstore Apparel Voucher
PSC Weekly E-Newsletter
Recognition Football Program & Online
Neutral Site and Tournament Priority Tickets Maximum limit of priority seats. Tickets not guaranteed, based on ticket availability. 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 6 6 8 10
Window Decal  
Invitation to Exclusive PSC Events    
Parking for FB, MBB, WBB, & VB See parking map for details on locations.    
WBB & VB Hospitality Room Pre-Game Passes One hospitality room per sport, per season.     2 2 2 4 6 6 6 8 8
Football Hospitality Room Pre-Game Passes Up to # listed, but not to exceed # of season tickets. Also represents # of guest passes.     2 2 2 4 6 6 6 8 8
MBB Hospitality Room Pre-Game Passes Up to # listed, but not to exceed # of season tickets. Also represents # of guest passes.       2 2 4 6 6 6 8 8
Recognition Plaque      
Opportunity to Purchase Parking Pass for McLeod Parking Lot Parking passes sold separately for FB and MBB at $200 each.        
Premium Membership Gift            
Season Long Football Half-Time Passes               2 2 2 4
Pair of Sideline Passes for ONE Football Game Upon Request                
Complimentary McLeod Lot Parking Passes For both FB & MBB                 1 1 2
Athletic Director's Private Reception                  
Travel Opportunity with Football                    



Note: Pass does NOT guarantee parking in your section — first come, first serve basis.

Overflow and non-season ticket holders park South of 27th St.

Football Parking Map Key
Football Parking Map Key
1. Public Parking UNI Student Parking
2. Fund Drive Chair & Captains
3. Scholarship Season Ticket Holders
4. VIP Season Ticket Holders
5. Directors Season Ticket Holders
6. UNI Pride Season Ticket Holders
7. Gold Season Ticket Holders
8. Purple Season Ticket Holders
9. PSC Non-Season Ticket Holders
10. Platinum
11. Diamond
12. Leadership

Men's Basketball

Note: Pass does NOT guarantee parking in your section — first come, first serve basis.

Overflow and non-season ticket holders park South of 27th St.

Men's Basketball Parking Map Key
Men's Basketball Parking Map Key
1. Public Parking UNI Student Parking
2. Handicap
3. Scholarship Season Ticket Holders
4. VIP Season Ticket Holders
5. Gold Season Ticket Holders
6. Purple Season Ticket Holders
7. Directors Season Ticket Holders
8. UNI Pride Season Ticket Holders
9. PSC Non-Season Ticket Holders
10. Leadership
11. Platinum
12. Diamond
13. Fund Drive Chair Captains

Panther Points

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What is the Panther Point System?

The UNI Athletics priority point system — Panther Points — is intended to promote fairness, generate support for Panther Scholarship Club (PSC) members and rewards giving. This system also provides an incentive for beginning, renewing and increasing participation as an athletics donor and season ticket holder. Panther Points allows for the objective allocation of benefits that exist in limited quantities, such as: season ticket location, away game ticket allocations, and distribution of tickets to postseason events. The system is administered collaboratively by the staff of the UNI Ticket Office and the PSC.

How are Panther Points calculated?

Points will be earned on a one-time as well as an annual basis. One-time base points are determined on previous giving history and carry over each year. Annual points are cumulative and are earned each year. This process meshes loyalty with the importance of donation levels. Members will be informed of their point totals annually, and as requested to the PSC Office. Panther Points will be earned in the following manner:

One-time Panther Points are awarded to PSC accounts once and carry over each year:

One-time Panther Points Chart
2 Panther Points Per $100 donated to any UNI Athletics account/initiative since 1993. This includes PSC, endowments, restricted giving to individual sports accounts, and capital campaigns.
1 Panther Point Per every $100 in Revocable Planned Gifts and Irrevocable Planned Gifts donated to UNI Athletics. (Example: $100,000 in a planned gift = 1,000 points)
10 Panther Points For being a former UNI student-athlete
5 Panther Points For being a UNI graduate (non student-athlete)

Annual Panther Points are awarded to PSC accounts each year based on the following criteria:

Annual Panther Points Chart
3 Panther Points For every $100 in cash donation to the PSC and/or Panther Champions. Gifts must be made within the current fund drive year (Jan 1-Dec 30). A pledge is not counted until the gift is received.
3 Panther Points For every $100 gift-in-kind donation to the PSC. Gifts must be made within the current fund drive year. A pledge is not counted until the gift is received.
3 Panther Points For each consecutive year of giving to the PSC. If you skip a year of donating, your consecutive years of giving to the PSC drops back to one year when you rejoin.
3 Panther Points For each consecutive year of season ticket purchase per sport (since 2008). This applies to the current season-ticketed sports of football, volleyball, men's basketball, women's basketball, and wrestling.
2 Panther Points For every $100 cash or gift in-kind donation to non-PSC accounts (Facilities, Endowments, Salary Enhancements). This includes any donation to UNI Athletics that does not fall under the PSC.

*Priority points are allocated to an account when a financial gift is received, not when a pledge is made. (Not including Planned Gifts)

Additional Information

Panther Points Procedures & Guidelines

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Panther Points & 2018-2019 Men's Basketball Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

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2018-19 Men's Basketball Reseat

Panther Points & 2018-2019 Men's Basketball Brochure

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What is a reseat?

During years of a reseat, all season ticket holders are required to select new basketball seating locations. During the reseating years, we do not offer the option of keeping the seat locations you had last year, so you must reselect seats. If your current seats are available at your time of select, you may then have the option of selecting those seats again.

Why are we having a reseat?

We will be conducting a reseat every 2-3 years so that donors can have the best possible seating options as a benefit of their Panther Points. The last reseat took place when the McLeod Center was built. Since that time, our donors and season ticket holders have gotten to know the layout of the arena and have expressed likes and dislikes pertaining to different areas. Reseating also allows donors to move groups together or add new seats. Many donors find a reseat is the best time to look at upgrading their gifts in order to better their seat location. This is very important for us as we must continue to raise funds in order to pay for student-athlete scholarships. A full in state student-athlete scholarship, including tuition, room, board, books and fees, is now valued at over $16,000. Without gifts to the Panther Scholarship Club to help fund scholarship expenses, our student-athletes could be negatively impacted.


Frequently Asked Questions

DONOR LEVEL FIRST, DONOR RANK SECOND. When it comes to allocating benefits, such as a reseat or away game allocations, your PSC Donor Level will be taken into consideration first, and then your Panther Point total will be used to determine your Donor Rank within your PSC Donor Level. Your PSC Donor Level will be based on which level you pledge. This system allows the Panther Scholarship Club to more effectively reward our active annual fund donors for their loyalty and all their efforts to make our athletics program one of the best in the nation.

Yes. Your Panther Points total within your PSC donor giving level is utilized when allocating MVC Tournament tickets. Panther Points rankings will be awarded first by Panther Scholarship Membership Level, then by total Panther Points.

No. Panther Points have no tangible value. They are not property that can be sold, traded or given. It is simply a point total to be used as a guide for the PSC and Panther Athletics to rank donors in priority order for the purposes of seating and certain benefit allocation. In the case of death, Panther Points will automatically remain with the surviving spouse, if applicable, and will not be allowed to be transferred in any other manner.

All Panther Scholarship Club members will be ranked in accordance to the Panther Points system. DONOR LEVEL FIRST, followed by DONOR RANK SECOND. We will base your PSC Donor Level on where you pledge for 2018. The Panther Scholarship Club will then assign seat selection times based on these rankings.

To qualify for the reseat, all men's basketball season ticket holders must have made a payment on their season tickets AND make a payment on your 2018 Panther Scholarship Club gift by the July 1, 2018 deadline. After the deadline, we will rank all season ticket holders according to the Panther Points system. Donor level first, donor rank second.

In order to retain the seat location of your priority season tickets from year to year, after the reseat, you MUST maintain or increase your PSC Membership Level. If you decease your PSC Membership Level, your season tickets will be subject to be reassignment by the PSC & UNI Ticket Office.

In an effort to be fair to all of our PSC members, the group will be able to select their seats at the time of the PSC member with the latest selection time. Please be sure to notify the PSC office that you will be passing on your selection time so that you can pick at a later time with a friend.

All season ticket holders will pick out their seats in person at the McLeod Center the week of July 30 - August 3, 2018. You will not be able to select your seats until your specific time. More information will follow in the renewal period detailing dates and times of your reseat selection. Also, there is no limit to the number of season tickets an individual may purchase. However, there will be a limit to the number of season tickets selected during the seat selection night events. If a PSC member wishes to purchase additional seats above and beyond their maximum, they may do so after all PSC members have finished the seat selection process. The maximum limits are based on current PSC level and are as follows:

2018-2019 Men's Basketball Reseat
Level Amount Maxiumum # of Tickets
Leadership $25,000 16
Platinum $13,000 14
Diamond $8,000 12
Scholarship $4,100 10
UNI Pride $3,000 8
VIP $2,100 6
Directors $1,600 6
Gold $1,200 6
Purple $600 4
Coaches $350 4
Loyalty $50 2

Once you receive your appointment time, you will have the following options:

  • Select your seats in person at McLeod Center during your selection time.
  • Designate someone to select your seats for you (a form will be included with your appointment time in which you may designate an individual).

UNI Athletics staff members can assist in the reseat process. You will need to provide your top 3-5 choices for your seat allocations. If those seat locations are already selected, the UNI Athletics staff member will select the best available seats near your desired location. Based on this system, if you have a UNI Athletics staff member select your seat, you will take full responsibility for the locations.

Momentum Club

All renewing PSC members have the opportunity to continue the momentum in their giving. Donors who increase their giving at least one benefit level higher than the previous year are eligible to receive two gifts of their choice. The 2021 gift options are the following:

  • 50 Panther Points
  • Athletic Department issued Panther Apparel
  • Level Up Benefit - Receive benefits from one level above your PSC level
    • (Ex. Donor increase their level to Directors, they would receive benefits at the VIP level)

When filling out the Renewal Form please check "Yes" next to Increase Level.

The Panther Scholarship Club Office will be in contact with you prior to the 2021 UNI Football Season.

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PSC Prospects

Prowl for 2K is a campaign designed to help grow the overall membership and reward individuals to join the PSC. This campaign will work in conjunction with Panthers Rising, a strategic plan launched by UNI Athletics in 2018. As part of the strategic plan, the Panther Scholarship Club has set goals to hit 2,000 members and $2 million by 2023.

Prowl for 2k logo

Potential PSC Members

Person Referring

Active Members

The launch of the 2021 Fund Drive is underway, please check back in at a later date for an updated list of 2021 Panther Scholarship Club members.