Indoor Artificial Field Turf


The Panthers showed off the new artificial turf surface at the start of the 2017 football season that features a custom field design. The design features the UNI logo at midfield overlaying a shaded outline of the state of Iowa. The end-zones are now purple and have the Panther logo along with the word "Panthers" in all capital letters.

The installation took three months to complete, measures over 77,000 square feet, and comes in 26 rollable panels. No infill is required for the new surface. The conversion time for the new turf will be eight hours to install and four hours to roll up.

The total cost for the new turf was approximately $900,000.

"The surface you play on is one of the most important elements in college football. The investment in the new turf is an indication to the commitment of UNI to its student-athletes."

UNI Head Football Coach Mark Farley

Turf Installation Time Lapse