Football Team Meeting Room


  • Located at the south end zone on the concourse level.
  • The team meeting room can be split into two separate rooms for concurrent use.
  • There are 112 fixed seats along with moveable chairs to provide a total of 138 seats.
  • The meeting room will also serve as suites for football games/event.

Project Costs: $1.5 million

"The quality of our facilities is central to a quality football program. It impacts how we practice, how we compete, how we attract recruits, how we teach, and how we represent our University."

UNI Head Football Coach Mark Farley

Giving Opportunities

Football Team Meeting Room Giving Opportunities Chart
Gift Level Gift Amount Notes  
Leadership* $500,000 Naming the full meeting room Donor Wall
All-American* $250,000 Naming the offensive meeting room
$250,000 Naming the defensive meeting room
All-Conference $100,000  
MVP $50,000  
Captain $25,000  
Starter $10,000  
Freshman $5,000  
Recruit $2,500  

*Denotes naming opportunity

Gifts can be pledged over a five (5) year period.

  Gift Form